Getting to be on screen with your favorite Winnie The Pooh characters is a dream come true. Bronte Carmichael got to do just that in Disney’s latest film, Christopher Robin in her role as “Madeline Robin” (Christopher Robin’s daughter) . Not only is she a cutie and well poised in the film, she is that same way in person. Given her natural talent, I would assume that this won’t be the last time we hear her name.

Here is what Bronte Carmichael had to say…

  • She found out got the part when her mom put a “stuffed version of Eeyore on the bench in the garden. And it had a note tied to its back saying, ‘looking forward to our adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods'”.

Robin Family

  • Bronte does not have a favorite character because “they all have different personalities, they act almost like emotions. Eeyore can be like, gloomy, sometimes you can feel like Eeyore, sometimes you can feel like Tiger, like, really bouncy…”
  • On her first day on set, she went into her trailer and they had set up little Winnie the Pooh characters all over the trailer.

Winnie the pooh and friends

  • Bronte had 2 doubles on set, one was a stunt double and the other a picture double.
  • The Lion King was one of her favorite Disney movies when she was little.
  • She has a lot stuffed animals at home that she talks to and plays with.

Madeline Robin and Pooh

  • Bronte really enjoys drawing, she has been doing it since she was 3 years old.
  • Her parents read Winnie The Pooh stories to her which is how she was first introduced to the character.

Madeline Robin

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Winnie the pooh and friends

Christopher Robin is officially in theaters!

Christopher Robin Movie Poster