Bambi is a a Disney Classic, so to get the chance to sit down and chat with Donnie Dunagan, the voice of Bambi, and Peter Behn, the voice of Thumper was an amazing treat.

Donnie Dunagan, Peter Behn and Leanette Fernandez

  • Peter Behn originally auditioned for the role of Bambi but he had the “wrong voice for that part. However,…Ollie decided that my voice was right for the rabbit…Inever actually ever auditioned for Thumper” – Peter Behn
  • The voice recordings took place intermittently over a two-year period.
  • Donnie Dunagan and Peter Behn never met while recording. They actually met about ten years ago.
  • While making the film, they had a little Disney zoo set up so that the animators could see the anatomy of the animals and help them with their drawings of the animals. Peter remembers Walt Disney being there with him while he visited the zoo.
  • Walt Disney was so…far ahead of his time in the environmental concerns. I think the movie is truly a very strong statement in favor of protecting the environment and the concern that man was ruining it or even making it worse…it’s a forward awareness and thinking that Walt obviously brought to the movie. He had to know what he was doing. I think it was very strong…”

Bambi is now available on Digital HD (and will be available on Blu-ray June 6th). Plus, there is a really pretty tank top featuring the Paul Felix art inspired by BAMBI, that is available via Disney Movie Rewards with every digital purchase/redemption of BAMBI. Click here for more details on the promotion.

Bambi header

* I was invited by Disney to the #PiratesLifeEvent to share my experience with my followers. However, All opinions are my own.