Did You Watch Extreme Couponing on TLC? If so, what were your thoughts?

I hope that if you did watch the show it opened your eyes to the wonderful possibilities of using Coupons. While I think most are amazed at the savings, I find that the opposite can also happen…some are turned off to using Coupons because they feel they can’t do what they saw done on TV. If that is the case, NO WORRIES….you don’t have to!

That show is called EXTREME Couponing…you don’t have to be “EXTREME” to save alot of money. While you may not save as much as they do (especially not at the beginning..LOL), you will Save $$$$ and that is what’s important.

You are not alone, TeachMe2Save is here to help. You DO NOT have to clip every coupon, you DO NOT have to get every deal. I always suggest that you start SLOW and find a pace and a system that works for you…cut coupons according to your shopping lists (available HERE with coupon matchups).

If you are New to Couponing or if you need a Refresher, you should check out the following links available on TeachMe2Save:

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I would love to hear from you regarding what your thoughts are on the show.

Also feel free to share any tips you may have, we are here to help one another on this incredible Couponing Adventure! 🙂