This past week, my hubby and I actually enjoyed a night out on the town. More specifically, we went to see Cirkopolis at the Arsht Center. It was a really fun evening!

Cirkopolis performance

Because the show is being done around the world, they intentionally made it to be a non-verbal performance. Directed by Jeannot Painchaud and Dave St-Pierre, Cirkopolis blends circus arts, theater and dance with contortionists, jugglers and acrobats. With so much variety, there is never a dull moment in the show.

Composed of only 12 performers, each one is so talented…it is really hard to choose a favorite performer or performance.

What made this experience even more special was that  my hubby and I got the chance to head backstage before the show to see the performers practice.

Cirkopolis Backstage

Seeing how much work goes into each performance (and practice) was pretty cool. Getting to see some of their stunts only added to my excitement about seeing their show.

Cirkopolis Practice

I just had to grab a selfie while on stage…

On the Cirkopolis stage

After the show, we also had the chance to meet some of the performers (as part of the VIP Experience). Getting to ask them questions and see them perform a few “tricks” was a nice way to end the evening.

Leanette Fernandez with Cirkopolis performers

Miami was chosen as the only U.S. stop on the Cirkopolis 2016 international, so I highly suggest that you get on over to the Arsht Center to see Cirkopolis before the show ends. For more information or to purchase your tickets, click here.

Cirkopolis at the Arsht Center

*Although my husband and I were invited to attend the Cirkopolis performance, all opinions are my own.