To be honest, I wasn’t too sure I would be interested in watching a movie about Chimpanzee’s but after having seen the previews I definitely want to see it and have a good feeling I may want to bring some tissues (I am really emotional). Chimpanzee will be in theaters everywhere on April 20th!

Disneynature takes moviegoers deep into the forests of Africa with “Chimpanzee,” a new True-Life Adventure introducing an adorable young chimp named Oscar and his entertaining approach to life in a remarkable story of family bonds and individual triumph. Oscar’s playful curiosity and zest for discovery showcase the intelligence and ingenuity of some of the most extraordinary personalities in the animal kingdom. Working together, Oscar’s chimpanzee family—including his mom, Isha, and the group’s savvy leader, Freddy — navigates the complex territory of the forest.

Chimpanzee – See Chimps, Save Chimps Featurette: