black-ish has become a show I look forward to on Wednesdays because it has yet to fail to make me laugh. So getting to go on the black-ish set while I was in LA was super cool.

black-ish set visit - Leanette Fernandez

I’ve been blessed enough to tour the sets of Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Mystery Girls, so being able to tour the set of black-ish was great. It’s one thing to see the final product each week but to get to explore where most of the filming happens offers a different perspective to the show. It’s like an actual house except there is no roof and while I was there I…

I enjoyed a quick game of tic-tac-toe with Marshall in the living room

black-ish tic-tac-toe game between Leanette Fernandez and Marshall

Did some laundry (but don’t tell my husband since he is the one who usually does it at home)

black-ish set visit - laundry room

When it comes to sets, details are so important. I love how there are family photo collages of them all around the house

black-ish set - photo collage

Then we went ahead and took a look at the second floor (which really isn’t on the second floor because there is no second floor)

black-ish set - stairs

The “second floor” is where all of the bedrooms are:

Jack and Diane’s room (the twins)

black-ish set - twins bedroom

Dre Juniors room

black-ish set - Juniors bedroom

Zoey’s room

black-ish set - zoe bedroom

The master bedroom

black-ish set - master bedroom

Look at Andre’s shoe collection!

black-ish set - shoe closet

Last but not least, here’s their backyard

black-ish set - backyard

Of course, after interviewing Yara Shahidi, Marcus Scribner, Miles Brown, and Marsi Martin (the children on the show) and touring the black-ish set…I love it even more.

black-ish airs tonight on ABC at 9:30 ET / 8:30 CT – so tune in…I know I will be.