Prior to getting to walk around the set of Bizaardvark, we got the chance to sit down and chat with its cast (in order from left to right): Madison Hu as “Frankie Wong”, Olivia Rodrigo as “Paige Olvera”, DeVore Ledridge as “Amelia Duckworth”, Jake Paul as “Dirk Mann” and Ethan Wacker as “Bernie Schotz”. They were all so sweet and you can tell that they not only love what they do but that they also truly enjoy being able to do this show with each other.

Bizaardvark Cast

Here are some things I learned about the Bizaardvark cast

  • While Jake has experience with his own successful channel, Ethan recently started his own channel with some friends (with the help of Jake). When asked, Jake offered the following advice for those hoping to build their own successful channel: “Be consistent, find your niche, and create that brand.”
  • Besides Jake, all of the other cast members go to school on set.
  • Each cast member said that they relate to their characters in one way or another…Ethan says he is “optimistic and open-minded” like his character. Olivia can relate to her character being “kind and awkward” while DeVore says she is “very creative” like her character.
  • Both Madison and Olivia play the guitar, piano and sing but Olivia feels that Madison plays the guitar and piano better while Madison feels that Olivia sings better.
  • Olivia can always be heard singing the newest trendy song, even as she walks the halls.
  • Jake said they really are like family since working together.
  • The cast feels families should tune in because it’s something brand new, it’s social media oriented, and shows you can follow your dreams.

More about Bizaardvark

The live-action comedy follows Paige and Frankie, quirky best friends who write funny songs and create music comedy videos for their online channel, “Bizaardvark.” Now with 10,000 subscribers, the girls are invited to produce videos at the influential Vuuugle Studios. In this cool environment — and with the help of their friend and aspiring agent Bernie and fellow Vuuugle stars Dirk (of “Dare Me Bro!”) and Amelia (of “Perfect Perfection with Amelia”) — the duo embark on comedic adventures in their quest to take the video blogging world by storm.

“Bizaardvark” moves to its regular time slot with the telecast of its second episode “Draw My Life,” on SUNDAY, JULY 10 (8:30 p.m. EDT) on Disney Channel.

In this new episode, Amelia gives Frankie and Paige tips to produce their next video, which has to tell the story of how the two met and created their channel. Meanwhile, Bernie tries to help Dirk overcome his worst fear.