Even though it is still summer, summer vacation is coming to an end as kids are headed back to school. While most parents are celebrating and kids are dreading it, the teachers are also in their feelings about it. That being said, I wanted to share a collection of Back To School Memes for Teachers because the struggle is real. While I am speaking about teachers, I want to give them a shout-out for all they do. You all are rockstars!!!!

Collection of Back To School Memes for Teachers

Back to School Memes for teachers

Odds in your favor

First week of school

Hanging on to summer

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Teaching stressful? Nah…

Excited about school?

Countdown to the last day of school

It’s back to work for the teachers

One long Sunday night…

Seating Chart

Teachers be like…

You look tired

Professional development

Setting up your classroom

Teacher discount?

Your posters keep falling down


Label all the things

Have you seen any of Back To School Memes for Teachers that you really like? If so, feel free to share them with me so that I can add them to my collection.