Are you good with directions? OR Are you like me, someone who gets lost even with a GPS???

I am so thankful that I have a GPS on my cell phone because this week I have been attending a conference and getting to the hotel has been an adventure! I am thankful because back in the day, before GPS, I would have been lost and crying off to the side of the road.

The first day of the conference, on Tuesday, my GPS had to “reroute” Five (5) times. I am sure you can imagine my frustration (with myself).

Wednesday comes along and although I should have known my way there, since I toured most of the area the day before, I get lost AGAIN….my GPS to “reroute” Three (3) times! Oh, and it had to reroute once on my way home. Only me….

So on Thursday, I figured what I did the prior 2 days that got me so turned around so I felt good BUT I miss the turn and my GPS had to reroute….LOL. At least I got the number of reroutes down to one (1). I know it’s sad!

I am happy to report that today, on my last day at the conference, I was able to make it here with NO reroutes!!! (Insert happy dance here). So for those of you who get lost all the time, there is hope!