It’s hard not to think about Laurence Fishburne and think about Morpheus but as he made his way into the interview room, his soft demeanor reminded me he was perfect for the role of Dr. Bill Foster. When we greeted him with applause, he was quick to let us know that he hadn’t heard of mom bloggers before and was quite impressed with us.

Laurence Fishburne and Leanette Fernandez

Here is what Laurence Fishburne had to say…

Interview with Laurence Fishburne R

  • He started reading Marvel and DC comic books when he was very young, around eight or nine years old. He loves them both.
  • He wanted very much to be a part of the MCU because of the way it was progressing, they were doing such great things.
  • Louis D’Esposito and Laurence had worked together about thirty years ago So Laurence asked to have a meeting with him to expressed interest in a role. They then told him about the character, Bill Foster.

Ant Man And The Wasp movie Laurence Fishburne

  • Laurence feels like “There’s nothing wrong with villainy. Villainy is great. And, you know, if you go way, way back, you go back forty years. You can see I did a lot of villainy coming up.”

Fun fact: If given the choice between a blue or red pill, he would choose red every time.

  • When it comes to the types of role he does, “…Heroes, villains, whatever it is, as long as you can make them human then it’s fun. You know, that’s the objective as to whether it’s a hero or a villain you wanna humanize them and allow the audience to have the experience of, maybe I don’t like what he’s doing or maybe I don’t like what she’s doing, but there’s something in them that reminds me of me…”
  • When he was asked what superhero or villain character he felt was worthy of their own movie, he responded with “…one comes to mind but this character already has their own movie. And it’s coming. And there’s been a gender change…what I love about Captain Marvel, if you don’t know the history of Captain Marvel, you know, Thanos is a Captain Marvel villain, and Captain Marvel is kickin’ his a** regularly. So I’m so excited to see that…”

While in LA, we were also able to interview Michael Douglas (“Dr. Hank Pym”), Hannah John-Kamen (“Ghost”), Paul Rudd (“Scott Lang / Ant-Man”), Evangeline Lilly (“Hope van Dyne / The Wasp”) and Director Peyton Reed.

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There are 2 post credit film scenes. If you can’t stay for both (which I suggest you do), you need to stay for the 1st one.