As a young girl, at some point we all dream of being a Disney princess. We all have our favorites but I am sure that it wouldn’t matter which one we could get to be, it would only matter that we were one. Well, Pamela Ribon got to do just that as the voice of Snow White in the movie, Ralph Breaks The Internet. As if that wasn’t cool enough, she is also a co-writer for the film and the one that came up with the Disney Princess scene in the movie that we have all seen and LOVE.

Pamela Ribon

Pamela shared that when she came up with the idea for that scene, she was nervous that it would be a no go, but they loved it. They wanted a scene where they could make fun of themselves a bit. While we were chatting, she shared some cool facts that I now get to share with you.

disney princess selfie

7 Fun Facts about Pamela Ribon & the Princess Scene

  • That Disney Princess scene took years to make.
  • The movie, Moana, brought her to Disney studios so she has a special bond with that character.
  • A lot of princesses hadn’t been rendered in 3D, so they had to account for that.
  • They had to think about how Ariel’s hair would move out of the water.
  • The actual voice of the princess gave suggestions of how they would speak and who would be friends. For example, Cinderella would never use contractions.
  • Each part of the princess sequence got even more complicated because they had to account for them being in a circle and there were mirrors in the room.
  • Every detail was considered like placement of hands on the face and expressions that would make their character authentic.

Don’t forget that Ralph Breaks The Internet is in theaters on November 21st!

About Ralph Breaks The Internet

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