The first week of school has come and gone for us and while we survived the transition, we are still trying to get into the rhythm of things (like getting to school on time). Thankfully, the kiddos school year is off to a good start but I want this to be their best school year ever. As a parent, how do I help make that happen? We can start with these 5 tips.

1st Day of School 2017 - 2018

5 ways we can help our kids kick off the school year right.

Medical and Dental Care

It is important that the kiddos get regular check ups and routine dental care. Kids tend to do better in school when they are healthy and a healthy kid means less school days being missed. Germs spread so quickly that 1 sick child means everyone in your house is also at risk of being sick which is no bueno (not good). So, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure your kids have health and dental insurance. After all, it is better to take preventive measures when it comes to your child’s health.


Sleep is so important! So, make sure the kiddos are getting enough sleep. Set a bedtime for the kiddos that allows them to get enough sleep so that they are rested and focused for school. If possible, set a bedtime for yourself as well.



The less you have to do in the school morning, the better it is for everyone. That is why you should pick out school outfits the night before and make sure homework and all other important docs are in their backpacks. Also, if you make your kids lunches like I do, it helps to know what you will be making them so you can plan accordingly for time needed to prepare it or buy the necessary items.

Healthy diet and exercise

A healthy diet and exercise can help you and your kiddos concentrate better throughout the day.

healthy food

Overcoming Obstacles

Save the easiest task for last. Let’s say you have a list of 5 things to do (I wish my list only had 5 items on it), you should tackle the hardest thing on your list first. That way, once you have completed that task all the others ones will seem easy in comparison and you can tackle them all quicker. When you or the kiddos start to feel overwhelmed, remember this tip and apply it. It’s amazing that something so simple can be so helpful.

What other tips have you implemented with your children? Actually, all of these tips are great for parents too.

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