Here they are…our 2017 Christmas Portraits!!!

Taking Christmas portraits every year isn’t something I necessarily enjoy doing but it is something I never regret doing. Why would I when I love having new pictures of my favorite people in the world, sending out photo Christmas cards and being able to look back at past photos to see just how much my babies have grown. Although my husband, Art, will never understand why I put us through this every year, he recognizes that he doesn’t have to, he’s just got to show up and smile, LOL (which he does beautifully every year).

Coordinating this year’s Christmas photos was a bit of a struggle. Between having to reschedule our initial photo shoot because of rain and having a hard time finding clothes for the kids, I wasn’t sure it was going to happen this year. Thankfully it all worked out and we were able to take some pictures.

Because we had to reschedule the initial photo shoot, my friend/photographer could only take our pictures during the week, which wouldn’t have been an issue if the time change didn’t mean that it was now dark by 6pm (which is what time my husband gets home from work). I wasn’t even dressed when she got there so she started with the kids first.

My handsome son…

Before I share my daughter’s picture, I must say that this is the year that her pictures reminded me that she is no longer a little girl. Her pictures took my breath away, not only because of how beautiful she is but also because of how grown up she is.

It was starting to get dark and Art wasn’t home yet, so I didn’t think we would be getting a family picture but he happened to get home just before it got dark and we were able to get 2 family pictures, the one you saw above and this one.

Even with the little bit of stress, it was all worth it. I am very happy with the way they turned out. A simple reminder that it may not always be easy, but it is definitely always worth it. Now to start thinking about next year’s theme…LOL.