As we headed out on our road trip for a fun weekend together as a family, it was appropriate that we were traveling in a Kia Soul given how fun it is! We all had our reasons for enjoying the Kia Soul while we had it for the week: I liked the way it drove, my husband loved the amount of space it had (given how tall he is) and the kiddos loved the way it looked (especially the moon roof).

2016 Kia Soul Selfie

Here are 5 Reasons the 2016 Kia Soul is Fun!

2016 Kia Soul - Funtastic Life

1. It’s name – The fact that it is called a Kia Soul is all that I need to say.

2. It’s design – Not the look of a typical car, the Kia Soul offers a square look to it that makes it Funky & fun. As an added bonus, because of this design, it offers a lot of space and comfortable seating.

2016 Kia Soul Inside Space

3. Cargo space – Not only do you have trunk space but there is cargo space underneath it as well. My daughter enjoyed putting stuff in there, just because she could.

2016 Kia Soul Cargo Space

4. Speaker Lights – Lights appear around the speakers as you are listening to your favorite tunes.

2016 Kia Soul Interior

5. Optional features – Idle Stop & Go (ISG) System, Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and a Infinity® Audio System with Center Speaker, Subwoofer, and External Amplifier are a few of features available to you.

Considering how fun it is, its affordability, it’s safety features and because it gets good gas mileage, I think this is an especially sweet car for college students.

All in all, we had fun driving around in the Kia Soul!