My daughter has been asking us for a pet and we keep telling her that it’s not going to happen. She even told me that she asked Santa to bring us one…the nerve! Well I think we’ve found a solution to our problems (or at least I hope so)….Zoomer Pup.

Zoomer Pup is the perfect family pet! He is playful, funny and acts just like a real dog. This little pup needs you to teach him everything that a puppy needs to know – his name, tricks, and how nice a good belly scratch can be.


Easy and fun to train, Zoomer eager to learn. Teach him to sit, speak and shake a paw, among many other tricks. Zoomer will have his own unique personality, and can be a bit unpredictable at times. He may fall asleep, start trying to play or even wander off to explore on his own while you are trying to teach him a new trick!

Just like a real puppy he wags his tail, barks, speaks, and is full of affection. You get all the benefits of a real puppy without the messy accidents to clean up, vet appointments to go to, or feeding and walking responsibilities.

Perfect for kids ages 5 and up, Zoomer can learn dozens of different tricks and he understands English, Spanish and French. There is even an app available for iPhone and Android phones to help you learn everything possible able training Zoomer!

My daughter has been asking for the Zoomer Pup for Christmas (maybe because I keep telling Santa wouldn’t go against our wishes), so she is going to be ecstatic Christmas morning!

Disclosure: I was provided with the Zoomer Pup in order to facilitate my review. However, ALL opinions are my own!