If you are going to be doing any shopping at WalMart in the near future, you may see me…. well at least a picture of me there. Back in May I appeared in a local Walmart commercial that aired for about a week. It was such a fun experience!

walmart commercial 5

Then, back in July I received an email asking if I’d be interested in working with Walmart again.  Of course, I said “YES”. They informed me that they’d submit my information and notify me as to whether or not I had been selected. When I hadn’t heard anything, I knew for sure that they had chosen someone else (apparently, I have self-esteem issues) but I had to email them just to be sure (because not knowing was killing me) and I was surprised when I got a response saying I had been selected. Needless to say, I was thrilled and shocked (darn self-esteem issues again)! This time it would be for a print ad that would appear in various cities throughout the US.

Walmart Ad Photo Shoot with Earl

Well, it is finally out in stores, and I have been about sightings in South Florida, Jacksonville, New York, Georgia, North Carolina and New Mexico (a fellow blogger posed with it).  I happen to be in Georgia this past weekend and I went to check out their local Walmart and sure enough I spotted the sign as soon as I walked in.

Walmart Print Ad - Valdosta GA

My daughter was pretty excited about seeing her mom on an ad in a store…so, she wanted a picture with it.  However, my son did not.

Walmart Print Ad - My Baby Girl

So, if you happen to go to a Walmart and you see the sign let me know. You can even snap a pic with it (like some of my buddies have) and I will go ahead and post it.

Walmart Print Ad - Alexis Walmart Print Ad - Margaret Walmart Print Ad - Amber