This past weekend I headed on over to Sarasota to explore the area and to help Yoder’s Restaurant celebrate their 40th Anniversary by participating in a Pie Making Contest. Yes, Me. I know, I was just as shocked as you are but I am always up for an adventure!

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Participants

When I initially found out we’d be participating in a pie making contest, I had no idea that it was an actual contest. I just assumed that we’d be making pies and their staff would be judging them but I was wrong. It was the real deal…

The contest was posted on their sign…

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest

They even made trophy’s…

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Trophies

I wanted first place (probably because I only recall winning a trophy one other time in my life…I know, sad). Thankfully, they started off by showing us how their pies are made and by letting me practice making one.

As you can see, it wasn’t the prettiest pie. Hope was not lost though!

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Practice Pie

It was time for the Pie making contest! I had my eye on the prize and my game face on (under the smile). We each had our own color (mine was green) and inside the box we were given the supplies we would need to make a Peanut Butter Creme Pie, plus a few more to make sure we were paying attention. LOL.

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Ingredients

We only had 3 minutes to prepare it and set it up on display, so I got to work.

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Final Touches

Once the pies were done. It was time for voting.

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Votes

Thankfully, people like Joan (pictured below) voted me. *Happy 83rd Birthday Joan!!!!

Yoder’s Restaurant Customer

It was a close competition but thankfully I got enough votes for the win!!!! I was so proud to get my trophy.

Yoder’s Restaurant Pie Making Contest Winner

Yes it was fun winning first place but doing the actual contest was really fun. I think the only other time I made a pie, I opened up a can of pumpkin pie filling and poured it into a pre-made crust. So this was quite an achievement for me!

You can check out the video of the pie making contest and winner announcement here:

About Yoder’s Restaurant

Yoder’s has become a local tradition and favorite destination for many. The quality and freshness that began over a million pies ago is still the foundation of our strong customer loyalty and success. From the time the doors first opened on Main Street, Yoder’s Restaurant has established a culture of hearty portions and quality Amish home cooking, served with friendly service in a family atmosphere. In 2007, the doors to Yoder’s Amish Gift Shop opened. In 2009, their Produce Market and in 2010, their Deli followed.

*Thank you to Visit Sarasota for their invitation. While all my expenses were covered, ALL opinions are my own.