Who Says You Can’t Bond Over Video Games? We did and had the best time!

Kids playing Nintendo Switch

My son has had the Nintendo Switch for a while now so I am not sure why I didn’t realize sooner that it offers a plethora of opportunities to play with friends and family either in-person or online. The kind of opportunities that allow us all to have fun and strengthen bonds over shared experiences. The other night, the kids and I spent some time together playing a variety of games using Nintendo Switch Online and we had so much fun playing the games I used to play as a child and playing some of the ones my kiddos enjoy now.

You can actually check out this short video of our time playing video games below…

With Nintendo Switch Online, your kids will love how it enhances their games – allowing them to play popular multiplayer games online with their friends – and parents will love that Nintendo Switch comes with safety options provided through Parental Controls.

A little bit more about Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid membership service that allows Nintendo Switch owners to enhance their games with features like online play (in compatible games), access 80+ classic NES games (all with new online functionality), back up/save data for most games, and use additional features found on the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. Parents can also take advantage of the free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to set rules for using the system.

This post is in partnership with Nintendo. However, all opinions are my own.