After visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum earlier this year, I knew I wanted to go there again. Actually, I even said as much in my previous post because the life of Walt Disney is fascinating. Touring the museum allowed me to learn more about the life of Walt Disney so I wanted to share these 8 Walt Disney Fun Facts with you all.

Walt Disney Family Museum

While in San Francisco, for the movie “The Good Dinosaur”, we got the chance to go to visit the museum again and this time I focused on all the cool details of his life. That being said, check out the interesting life and career facts I learned about Walt Disney from my time at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

8 Walt Disney Fun Facts

* Walt was named after the minister of their congregational church, Walter Parr (whose wife was also pregnant at the time), because they had made a deal that if they both had sons, each would name his son after the other.

* In 1917, at the age of 16, Walt enlisted in the American Ambulance Corps, a division of the Red Cross, by changing the year of his birth on the notarized affidavit after his mom signed it.

Walt Disney Family Museum -

* In 1922, Walt formed his first animation studio, Laugh-O-Films, Inc. In 1923, the company ended up filing for bankruptcy. However, during that time Walt moves to Hollywood with a print of Alice’s Wonderland under his arm.

Walt Disney Family Museum - Laugh-O-Films Business Card

* Walt created Oswald The Lucky Rabbit for Universal Pictures and then later loses control over the character which led him to create Mickey Mouse in 1928.

Walt Disney Family Museum - Earliest known drawing of Mickey Mouse

Earliest known drawing of Mickey Mouse, 1928

* Walt and Lilly wanted a big family and a sibling for their daughter, Diane…they adopted their daughter, Sharon, in January 1937.

Walt, Diane and Sharon Disney

* Walt would drive his girls to school everyday until they were of driving age and started driving themselves.

* Chili cans and Jell-O, were among Walt’s favorite foods.

* Walt collected miniature items.

Of course, there are a ton of interesting Walt Disney facts (After all, he is Walt Disney)! For more interesting facts, I suggest you make it a point to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum if you are ever in San Francisco.