While my family and I were invited to attend Volcano Bay, our love of this fun water park is 100% authentic. All opinions are my own.

Kids at Volcano Bay R

Having seen the commercials for Volcano Bay, a themed water park at Universal Orlando Resort, the kiddos were very excited about getting the chance to experience it for themselves. So was I. We wasted no time exploring and experiencing the attractions.

Tip: Stay at the Cabana Bay Resort (or any other Universal Orlando’s on-site hotel) because not only will you not have to drive and pay for parking, you can actually go into Volcano Bay before it opens to the public. Not only will that allow you to enjoy the 18 attractions with less of a line. It also allows you to get a good seat under an umbrella.

Lounging at Volcano Bay

With your paid admission, everyone is given a TapuTapu™ wearable band that can be used at the TapuTapu stations found throughout the park. These stations tell you what your expected wait time is for a specific ride and by tapping your TapuTapu onto the screen you are put in a virtual line for a specific attraction. It then begins a count down and alerts you when its time for you to return to that ride. While you can only set that up for one ride at a time, the fact that it eliminates wait time and allows you to enjoy other activities while you wait is pretty cool (and definitely comes in handy).

TapuTapu™ wearable band at Volcano Bay

Tip: Don’t want to walk around with your wallet while you are there? Create an account and link up your credit card with your TapuTapu™ wearable band and you can make purchases throughout the park without your wallet in tow

By far our favorite ride at Volcano Bay is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster. Oh my goodness! It feels just like a roller coaster but you are getting splashed with water throughout the whole thing. You are going to want to ride that more than once, we did.

Riding the Krakatau Aqua Coaster

*But there is a fun section where the small kiddos can play

My husband is more of a spectator at water parks because if his height and his fear of heights. Normally he spends his time resting in the spot we have chosen to place our items but not this time. Because there was shaded area for him to sit and rest at most of the attractions, he was able to hang out with us while we went from ride to ride. Plus, he was able to take some video and snap some pictures of us as we came out the slides (so that made me pretty happy).

Volcano Bay Attraction R

Tip: Make sure you bring your own towels with you. They are not provided but they are available to be purchased.

While you can enjoy some of your park favorite snacks and food (churros, ice cream, pizza – all of which we had while we were there), I loved that Volcano Bay offered more than what we usually chow down on. South Pacific inspired, you’ll be able to enjoy items like Mango BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches in restaurants offering more than 60 unique menu items.

Tip: Consider purchasing the Coca-Cola freestyle® Souvenir Cup for unlimited refills at the stations throughout the park.

Kids in the Lazy River at Volcano Bay R

The weather in Florida is quite unpredictable and changes quickly. So, fret not if it happens to rain while you are there (like it did for us) because you can usually wait it out and it will go away. Getting wet is not as big of a deal when you are at a water park, LOL.

Tip: If you want to book a cabana or premium seating, do so as soon you know the date. If you wait too long, they can be sold out (My husband was looking into it but he waited until 3 days before so that didn’t happen)

Fernandez Family at Volcano Bay R

We had a really fun time at Volcano Bay! Discover the legends of the Waturi and experience for yourself their “Water is Life. Life is Joy.” mantra. Ready to get your tickets or want more information? Visit their website.

Check out this quick video of our time at Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay