Apparently Lemons have a lot of uses besides being used to cook or garnish your plate. Check out these 32 Uses for Lemons.

32 Uses for Lemons - TM2S

  1. Get rid of tough stains on marble by squeezing lemon on it and rubbing away.
  2. Preserve foods and guacamole with a splash of lemon juice.
  3. To freshen up a room, cut a lemon in half and place them in a bowl in the room with the cut side up.
  4. Place a lemon wedge inside your dishwasher for fresh and clean dishes.
  5. Throw some lemon peels into your fire place while it is lit to keep that bad fire odor under control.
  6. Add lemons to water to improve your mood and reduce stress.
  7. Want fresh lemon juice? Freeze in an ice tray and pull out later for cooking.
  8. Add lemon juice to water when boiling rice to keep it from sticking.
  9. Freshen a room by spritzing with lemon juice and water.
  10. Freshen the House by simmering several sliced lemons.
  11. Make a paste using lemon juice and salt (or baking soda) and use to take away tarnishes on brass, copper, or stainless steel.
  12. Sprinkle salt on a lemon wedge and use to clean copper cookware.
  13. Dab some lemon juice into a sponge and stick inside your fridge for several hours to get rid of any weird smells.
  14. Throw used lemon peels down the garbage disposal once a month to prevent odors.
  15. Make a household cleaning solution with lemon juice, white vinegar and water.
  16. Use lemon juice or squeeze a lemon directly on kitchen or bathroom surfaces, and wipe them with a wet cloth to remove the sticky residue. For stains and really dirty areas, mix in some vinegar and water with the lemon juice.
  17. Mix 3 tablespoons lemon juice into 1 1/2 cups water in a microwave-safe bowl to get rid of those caked- on foods inside your microwave. Microwave on High for 5-10 minutes, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls and ceiling of the oven. Then just wipe away the softened food with a dishrag.
  18. Rub cooking and cutting surfaces with a lemon wedge to remove fish smells.
  19. Have dull appliances? Rub with lemon juice to brighten.
  20. To get rid of underarm stains on clothes, just squeeze some lemon juice on the stain and let it soak.
  21. Soak laundry in a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda and water before washing to remove stains.
  22. Remove food from cheese gratersΒ with a lemon wedge.
  23. A freshly squeezed lemon in a cup of hot water will help ease a sore throat.
  24. Mix lemon juice and honey with hot tea to soothe a sore throat.
  25. Gargle with lemon water to reduce phlegm.
  26. Use lemons to reduce the effects of nausea.
  27. Scrub fingernails with the lemon wedge to brighten.
  28. Remove skin discoloration by rubbing with a lemon wedge.
  29. Squeeze lemon juice on your hair before rinsing for natural highlights.
  30. Clean athletic shoes by spritzing them with lemon juice and drying them in the Sun.
  31. Use lemons to create a table centerpiece.
  32. Wipe counters and entryways with lemon juice to repel bugs.

Do you know of anymore uses for Lemons I may have missed?