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Woman holding toothpaste next to a suit case

In the next few months, I have 6 trips planned. Thankfully, I have gotten my packing down to a science. So much so, that I usually feel like I must have missed something because it was too easy…but that wasn’t always the case. I used to pack things I didn’t need and forget the things I needed, like toothpaste. Even though I could usually get some at the hotel, I needed MY toothpaste. A toothpaste that does more than clean my teeth and works on my gums, Crest® Gum Detoxify.


So many of us focus on having white teeth. Unfortunately, we are so focused on our teeth that we forget that taking care of our gums is important for our overall health and wellness. Did you catch the words “overall health and wellness”? I wanted to point that out because your gum health affects your body, physically. Which means that taking care of your gums is a must.

Thankfully, having healthy gums isn’t difficult…well, as long as you choose a toothpaste that’s main focus is to help you properly care for your gums. That’s where Crest® Gum Detoxify comes in. It was designed to detoxify our gums by gently penetrating the gum line and those hard to reach places in our mouths. By doing this, it neutralizes harmful plaque bacteria for clinically proven healthier gums. It also offers superior Activated Foam technology that gently cools gums during and after brushing.

So I’ve shared one of my Travel Must Haves, here are a few more:

  • Toothbrush
  • Perfume
  • Body Wash
  • Face Wash
  • Face Lotion

Toothpaste in luggage

Did you happen to see the Dr. Oz segment about gum health? It shares more about the importance of taking care of your gums. Start taking care of your gums now. Crest Gum Detoxify is available at Walmart.

More about Crest​®​ Gum Detoxify

Crest’s new paste has superior technology to neutralize harmful bacteria, even below the gum line. This complete coverage​ ​of teeth and gums ensures an even, all over clean. In fact, ninety-nine percent of gingivitis patients showed reduced gum bleeding and inflammation in eight weeks after using Crest Gum Detoxify.​ ​