Healthy eyes are very important because it allows you to enjoy the world around you!!!!

That being said (and true), Eye education is important.  While it is important, it should also be fun (and not just for the kiddos). That’s why my family and I checked out Transitions Eye Didn’t Know That / Yo No Sabia Eso websites.

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The Eye Didn’t Know That! program is an fun and educational way to help us all learn more about why it is so important to take care of our eyes. To help us see that (yes, pun intended), there are games, downloads, fact sheets and lots more to do while you’re there, they even have it separated by audience categories.

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  • Resource Center
  • Family activities

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  • Games
  • Coloring Pages
  • Optical Illusions
  • & More

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A big part of keeping your eyes healthy is getting comprehensive eye exams regularly because studies have shown that it helps prevent vision loss.  Apparently, the link between your vision and Diabetes is Huge!  This is something I need to be very careful with because Diabetes is a major health issue on my mom’s side of the family… which is why I have my eyes checked yearly.

When getting your exam, try to get a comprehensive test done.  When my husband got fitted for the Transition glasses he uses now (and loves), they did an eye exam on him BUT they went all out.  They actually took images of his eyes that allowed me to see his eye balls.  This allowed them to tell him what was going on with his eyes.  I’ll be setting up my appointment to have that same test done because I’ve never had a text like that before and I want to know that my eyes are healthy (especially with my family’s medical history).

Have you scheduled your 2013 Eye Exam- que esperas?

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