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Healthy Sights Help you Keep your Eye on the Prize:

Healthy sight is vital to experiencing the world around you, enjoying all the sights of your life and being able to keep your eye on the prize. For some that “prize” is your pet, traveling, enjoying hobbies, engaging in activities…but for me, it’s my family.

I love my family and my sight has given me an amazing amount of cherished memories of them! Some of these memories include seeing the look on my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle towards him on our wedding day, seeing my unborn babies on the ultrasound machine and seeing both of my babies for the first time as I held them in my arms. I don’t take for granted the smaller moments my sight allows me to enjoy, such as my daughter in her school uniform on her first day of kindergarten, my son flexing his muscles when he is the Hulk and seeing my husband walk though the door after a long day of work. Healthy vision is so valuable and should never be taken for granted.

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My Eye Promise:

If you make a promise to take care of your family’s vision by signing the Family Eye Promise HERE, Transitions Optical will donate a brand new book to mobile literacy initiative Bess the Book Bus for each new promise submitted in 2012.

Sightseeing™ Sight of the Day Photo Contest:

Do you enjoy taking pictures (I definitely do!)? Capturing everyday moments through photos allows you to cherish memories for a lifetime. Consider entering the Sightseeing™ Sight of the Day Photo Contest for your chance to win the Ultimate Sightseeing Dream Vacation! Click HERE to get more information and to enter.

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