Thanks to my friends at Sony Home Entertainment for providing me with a box full of fun goodies to celebrate the release of The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding.

swan princess

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially a royal one that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home (while in pajamas…or is that just me?). When things don’t go as planned (that’s an understatement), the swan princess and her friends do what they do best and help out. After watching this film with the kiddos, you should try this Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding inspired Activity.

“S” is for Swan Activity

Swan Craft Supplies

  • Step 1: Print out this Sheet
  • Step 2: Cut Across the dotted line.
  • Step 3: Cut out the letters W, A and N.
  • Step 4: Place the letters on the S, showing your child how they will make the S transform into a swan.
  • Step 5: Color the letter A to resemble a swan face.
  • Step 6: Glue the letters W, A, N to the S.
  • Step 7: Grab any other crafting items you’d like to make the swan your own.

What’s great is that you can make it a learning experience by having them trace the letters with their fingers and having them say each letter.

Oh and if you are feeling really adventurous, you can make this Swan Pinata and fill it with some goodies that will make the kiddos happy.

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding is now available on Digital and Redbox!

Join Princess Odette, Prince Derek and their royal friends as they set sail for another magical adventure in the enchanted land of Cathay! Princess Odette has been called by the beautiful and kind Princess Mei Li who is planning to marry her one true love, Chen. Upon Odette’s arrival she quickly discovers that everything is not as it should be. And not everyone is WHO they should be! The evil sorceress Fang has once again cast an evil spell, launching a plan to marry Chen herself. With the wedding quickly approaching, it is up to Mei Li’s loving brother Prince Li along with Princess Odette and the rest of her royal friends to break the curse so the real Princess Mei Li can marry Chen and live happily ever after.