Upon entering the room where we would be screening an episode of The Mayor we were greeted by hugs from Bernard David Jones (“Jermaine Leforge”) and Marcel Spears (“T.K. Clifton”), whom we would be interviewing after the screening. Once we were settled in and ready to start the episode, they expressed being nervous about screening it with us since they would actually get to see our reactions, but I am not sure why they were worried when the episode was funny and they are both obviously so talented. I’ve got to say that speaking with them was an absolute treat because you can tell they are smart, nice, talented and extremely thankful to be a part of this show.

Bernard David Jones, Marcel Spears and Leanette Fernandez

Fun Facts About ABC’s The Mayor

The Mayor interview with Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears
Photo credit: Allison Waken / AllForTheBoys.com
  • Marcel Spears originally auditioned for the role of Courtney Rose, The Mayor.
  • The Mayor is “the brainchild of Daveed Diggs and Jeremy, so it’s what happened when you got Daveed talking about growing up in Oakland and being a struggling rapper straight out of Brown and trying to figure out what to do and he’s doing theater and he’s doing pick-up gigs as an actor and he’s still doing shows and his band isn’t as popular, so they’re trying to figure it out and he was living with his parents.” – Marcel Spears
  • Yvette Brown is like a big sister on set. “Yvette helped me find an apartment. I was in New York at the time and then I went to San Diego. I was doing a play. She was like, I can go to the apartment. I can Face Time you and I’ll show you what it is. She is that kind of person. Straight up.” – Marcel Spears

“She helped pay for me to get to New York one time and she was like, “Well, I know where you work. You’ll give it back.” Then when I tried to give it back, she’s like, “Baby, just keep the money.” She just has a heart.” – Bernard David Jones

Photo credit: (ABC/Tony Rivetti)
Photo credit: (ABC/Tony Rivetti)
  • Seeing Lea sing and dance on the show may just happen…one day. “She’s been saying you got to talk to Jeremy, so I’m just gonna say, her answer is you got to talk to Jeremy. But at the same time, she has a phenomenal voice and it just so happens that everybody on our show has musical talent and ability and once we figured that out, Jeremy was like, okay, I have to use this. I just don’t know where and when.” – Marcel Spears
  • No one knows if Courtney and Val will ever be romantically involved. “I think their relationship as we see it now is just strictly business and I think it’s important for young girls to see that: you can be in politics, you can be in an office where you run stuff and you don’t have to be nobody’s boyfriend, you don’t have to do that. I think that’s a stronger stance to take.” – Bernard David Jones
  • Apparently David Spade is much cooler in real life. “He is way cooler. He is so sweet. He’s so like, “You guys are amazing. You guys are great. This show is awesome.” That’s David Spade. We were going to do ADR and ADR is where you go in and you do the vocal stuff that needs changing. So, David knew we were coming and he literally laid prostrate on the floor and we’re like, “David!” And he’s like, “I just wanted to get you guys…He’s great, man. From the first table read to now, he’s just been amazing. Very supportive. I went up to him, I said, David, you have a star on the Walk, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He’s like, yeah, you know, but you got to pay the upkeep and all that.” – Bernard David Jones

Tune into The Mayor” tonight 10/17 from 9:30-10:00 p.m. EDT for the “Buyer’s Remorse” episode.

As Courtney settles into his new role as mayor, he’s faced with a dismal approval rating as the citizens of Fort Grey express their lack of confidence in his ability to lead, as well as those on his own staff. He realizes that he needs to take an unconventional approach when dealing with Councilman Ed Gunt (David Spade) and comes up with a plan to quickly turn public opinion in his favor.

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