My family and I were invited to experience the Georgia Aquarium. However, All opinions are my own.

family at the Georgia Aquarium

My husband is fascinated with the Georgia Aquarium. He fell in love with it the first time we visited (which was when I was about 7 months pregnant with our son, who is now almost 11 years old), needless to say, it has been a while. Given his love for it and the fact that our daughter was only 2 at the time of our visit, I thought it would be fun to visit there again over Spring Break.

With the amount of sea life to look at and learn about at the Georgia Aquarium (It houses more than a hundred thousand animals), there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Woman touching a sea star

Are you making a trip over to Atlanta? Are you (or someone in your family) a fan of aquariums? If so, add the Georgia Aquarium to your “must experience” travel list. While I feel that you should plan accordingly to be able to enjoy all the aquarium has to offer, if you only have a limited amount of time, here are 4 things you should not miss.

4 Things You Must Experience at the Georgia Aquarium

SunTrust Pier 225

Georgia Aquarium

We started off with a sea lion show at the SunTrust Pier 225. Not only do you get to see the sea lions do some cute tricks but you also learn some fun facts about them. I loved how they emphasized how important it is that we care for the animals by caring for the planet.

Ocean Voyager

family at the Georgia Aquarium

If you like saving the best for last, then this is the exhibit to enjoy right before you finish up your time at the aquarium. The Ocean Voyager gallery was my husband’s favorite last time and was again this time around (actually it was my favorite as well). It is home to four whale sharks (the largest fish species in the world), four manta rays and thousands of other fish. It offers a full viewing experience that allows you to feel like you are a part of their world.

Whale Sharks

Cold Water Quest

Beluga Whales

The Cold Water Quest showcases the iciest waters at the aquarium which means you get to see the penguins and the cute beluga whales (who happened to be playing with a red scarf and ball while we were there).

Side note: If my husband were a sea animal, this is where he would want to be because of how low he puts the AC every night.

Sea Stars

The Virtual Voyager

kids on virtual reality game

As soon as the kids saw the Virtual Voyager, they wanted to experience it for themselves and they really liked it! It transported them back in time to see and swim with pre-historic sea animals.

I am so glad that we took the time to visit the Georgia Aquarium again. It did not disappoint. We had such a fun day seeing all these beautiful sea animals!

Jelly fish

Tip: Be sure to check out their Special Deals before purchasing your tickets.

Want to do more during your visit at the Georgia Aquarium? They offer animal encounters (with sea lions and sea otters) that look really cool. For more information or to plan your trip, check out their website HERE.