the farmer and the belle

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenn Gotzon and Jim E. Chandler about The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland. I even had the chance to meet and chat with their 3-month-old son, James. I loved chatting with them and of course, I jotted down a few fun facts to share with you! You can check those out below…

The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland Fun Facts

  • Jenn and Jim met on a movie set and Jim wrote Jen handwritten letters and courted their friendship which is why they incorporated the 2 main characters being pen pals into the film.
  • Jim and Jenn have been working on this project for 4 years.
  • This movie was filmed on Jim’s mother’s farm.
  • Jim’s niece plays his daughter in the movie.
  • The images of Belle Winters in the movie are real photos from a modeling campaign she did in Japan. In fact, the makeup artist in the film was the client that she worked for.
  • Jim’s father plays the owner of the Christmas tree farm.
  • The animal scenes were reenactments of things that happened during her first visit to his farm. 
  • Mud seeped down into Jenn’s pants when she filmed the scene where she falls into the mud.
  • Delilah makes a cameo in the film.
  • Putting Santa hats on the pigs was Jen’s idea. The smell was so bad, she had to pause to throw up from the smell. It is one of her favorite scenes in the film.

You can learn more about the film from Jenn Gotzon and Jim E. Chandler when you watch the short interview below.

More about The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland

“The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland” is a funny Christmas movie for the family in the style of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Sparks fly between a famous model and a farmer with a young daughter when she visits her childhood home. The town is in danger of losing their beloved Santaland festival, but miracles can happen with a little love, family and faith.