Oh my! Have you been to The Children’s Place lately??? If you haven’t, you definitely should!

I visited The Children’s Place as part of a special blogger event and I was amazed by the variety of fashionable clothing available and even better…the AMAZING Sale Prices.

I FELL IN LOVE with so much of their clothing…it was truly hard to decide what to get!

The 1st thing that caught my eye was their mesh rosette & polka-dot Skirts.  I really wanted the eggshell color but I knew that my daughter would dirty it in no time…so I went with the other 2 colors. They were too cute to not get both of them…LOL.

Then I saw the polka-dot dress and I just had to get it for her.  I am still not sure where she will wear it but no worries. Worse case, I will throw a party just so that she has the chance to wear it (I know…I know)

I got a few more clothing items and accessories for my baby girl but would have kept on shopping if I didn’t have will power to walk away.

My little man got a ton of shirts that best express his character.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Super Heroes (he even shows his muscles and tells people that he is the Hulk) so when I found 2 shirts with Marvel characters, I couldn’t resist! Especially the spider-man shirt that says “Mommy’s Little Super Hero”.

With the Holiday Season just around the corner I also got him a Long Sleeve Dress Shirt and a Matching Vest. Just the thought of how scrumptious he is going to look in this makes my heart melt.

To make my shopping trip even better, not only were most of the items on sale but I even used a Coupon and Saved 20% off the sales price!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  You know I was excited!

As a parent you always want to get your child the best of everything, but often times you simply can’t afford it (especially with all of the Holidays coming up).  I love that I can go to The Children’s Place, find clothing that is in style and that my kids will Love without having to spend a fortune.

If you are like me and not very fashionable, their Holiday Collection will inspire you and give you ideas 🙂

You should definitely “Like” their Facebook Page for the latest sales and news AND sign up for the emails to get coupons emailed to you.  I love those coupons!

Disclosure: I was provided a The Children’s Place gift card for attending the event. No request to blog or social media exposure was asked by the store. All opinions are my own.