An animated show about a large Hispanic family doing life together, now that is something I can relate to. So much so that when I chatted with Sumalee Montano (Maria) and Sonia Manzano (Rosa) about the first season (now available on DVD), I had to ask Rosa about her use of the chancleta in the show. Want to hear her response? Watch the short video of our interview below.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the significance of that, the chancleta (a sandal) coming off the foot meant that you were in trouble. I am all too familiar with that because, well, I am me. Of course, they both shared some fun facts about the show itself while we were chatting and I have compiled a list of The Casagrandes Fun Facts for you.

The Casagrandes Fun Facts

  • Sergio, the parrot, is Sonia’s favorite character.
  • Sonia gets corrected on her pronunciation of the word “flan” so that it sounds more Mexican.
  • Sumalee relates to her character, Maria, in a ton of ways…she was raised by a single mom, raised within a multi-generational family and she even had a parrot growing up.
  • Sonia loves that the show features an extended Hispanic family and that food is one thing that connects them.

The Casagrandes interview with Sumalee Montano (Maria) and Sonia Manzano (Rosa)

The Casagrandes: The Complete First Season is now available on DVD!

More about The Casagrandes

There’s plenty of love, laughter, food, and adventures in The Casagrandes: The Complete First Season DVD! This spin-off from the award-winning animated series The Loud House follows Ronnie Anne, a free-spirited and skateboard-loving 11-year-old who moves to the big city to live with her large and lovable Mexican-American family, the Casagrandes. Featuring all 20 episodes from the critically acclaimed debut season, this DVD release sees Ronnie Anne adjust to big family life in the city as she pitches in at the family Mercado, explores the neighborhood with her best friend Sid, and has fun with her abuelos, tíos, and primos.