My daughter loves to draw, unlike me she is very artistic. While attending a conference in Chicago this past July, I was introduced to the Boogie Boards and I knew it was something my kiddos would get a kick out of…especially my daughter. Thankfully my kiddos each received one for review (All opinions are my own) and I was right, my kiddos did get a kick of it.

Boogie Boards

As I mentioned above, my daughter loves drawing which means that she goes through a ton of paper every time she feels inspired. While we support her talent my husband is not one for having a stack of papers around the house so she regularly has to go through her stack of drawings, with the Boogie Board there’s no worrying about a stack of papers. My problem with a stack of drawings is that I am always tempted to keep those drawings as memories…and that stack is growing. Now if I want to preserve the image I simply snap a picture of it and it is preserved.

The Boogie Board is light weight, ultra thin and can be used anywhere. My kids have used it in the car, at restaurants and we even took it on the cruise we just came back from.

There are different ones available; the Original, Jot and Sync. My daughter is using the Original Boogie Board in pink that features a durable, shatterproof plastic LCD, a 3V battery that NEVER needs replacing, an erase button and a pressure-sensitive writing surface.

Boogie Board Original Drawing

My son is using the Boogie Board Jot 8.5 that offers a 8.5″ reflex LCD, integrated stylus holder & magnets, an erase lock switch, a stand slot and a a 3V battery.

Boogie Board JOT Drawing

Apparently the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter will be available just in time for the Holiday season.

While my kids love it, adults can get use out of it to. It can be used as an alternative to Note/Memo pads and dry erase boards…you can use it for notes, memos and to create lists. You can even do some doodling on it too if you’d like.