If you do any online shopping you may want to check out the following 2 websites (especially with the holidays quickly approaching). ShopAtHome and Ebates are shopping portals that will reward you with cash back for your online purchases! How sweet is that?

Here’s how it works…

  • When you shop through ShopAtHome and Ebates (using their links), you will get rewarded with cash back into your account.
  • The percentage of the cash back you will receive can range anywhere from 1% up to and over 20% depending on the store.

So you are being rewarded for doing shopping you were going to do anyways.

If you are thinking that the amount doesn’t seem to be alot, over time all of this will add up and either way it’s FREE! The money adds up in your account and when it gets to a certain amount they will send you a check. Did I mention it was FREE???????

Now, you may say thatโ€™s not much money but everything adds up AND Itโ€™s FREE money! The money adds up in your account and they will send you a check.

It gets better….ShopAtHome and Ebates are FREE to join AND they will give you an instant $5 credit to your account when you make your first purchase.

Register with both ShopAtHome and Ebates and before you shop see which one offers you the most percentage in return.

Do you have any additional questions…if so, just leave a comment and ask ๐Ÿ™‚

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