Movie Review

All my life

All My Life Movie Review

All My Life is a beautiful love story that will pull at your heart strings! Based on a true story,

Half Brothers

Half Brothers Movie Review

Half Brothers takes you on a journey filled with laughter, heart break and love. Half Brothers tells the story of

Godmothered movie image

Godmothered Movie Review

Godmothered is a modern fairy tale that makes you smile and redefines the meaning of Happily Ever After! In an


Freaky Movie Review

Freaky is a thrilling, funny, and refreshing twist on the body-swapping movies we have seen over the years. I have


Spontaneous Movie Review

Spontaneous is the kind of movie that keeps you in suspense and leaves you feeling a bit guilty about wanting

2 hearts

2 Hearts Movie Review

Grab some tissue because you’re going to need it! 2 Hearts will take you on a journey of love, miracles

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