I know exactly when it happened, the moment my son was introduced to playing Minecraft for the first time with a friend. From that moment on, he took an interest in the game that to this day, he still enjoys. Actually, he has even gotten my daughter into playing it.

With over 70 million people having purchased it and more than 42 million Minecraft-related videos currently uploaded to YouTube, Minecraft is arguably the world’s most popular game. Wouldn’t you agree? That is why Super League is bringing Minecraft gamers of all ages together for a social, face-to-face gameplay experience on the big screen. Yep, Super League will be offering a way for your gamers to play Minecraft in a movie theatres: Minecraft Metropolis Madness.


Starting next week (October 18 to November 9th), gamers can bring their laptop into the movie theater and connect to the Super League server. Once connected, they’ll join a lobby with up to 100 other gamers at the event. Teams will be formed and gamers will embark on 90 minutes of Minecraft fun. They will get to build and battle as they play exclusive games and make new friends as they play with or against each other each week.

Metropolis Madness, a four-week “league” will run once a week for 4 weeks and all of its games feature a “city” theme, drawing from historical US landmarks – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Alcatraz Island, Central Park, and more. Want your kiddos to play Minecraft in a theater? Search for an event near you: https://superleague.com/league