Check out these 5 Summer Energy Saving Tips…

5 Summer Energy Saving Tips

The summer weather is no joke, especially here in South Florida. It is HOT, which seems like an understatement because some of the days have been real scorchers. On days such as those, the idea of staying inside the house sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, am I right?

Lounging in the house

Indoor activities at home can be fun but that means the air conditioner is running longer than it normally would be to keep us cool. That means we are consuming more energy and our electricity bill will be higher during the summer months. So, here are some energy conservation tips that may just help you keep your electricity bill lower.

Here are 5 of my favorite Summer Energy Saving Tips

  • Maintain proper airflow by keeping interior doors and vents open to help air circulate.
  • Clean or replace your A/C filter regularly to help your unit run more efficiently.
  • Use a fan to cool the room you’re in, but turn it off when you leave.
  • Close shades, blinds and drapes to keep the sun’s heat out.
  • Grill outside instead of using the oven or stove to help keep your kitchen cool (and therefore your house cool).

Hubby Grilling

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Summer energy saving tips