Seeing the snow and all of the beauty of the mountains is one things but doing so as you are riding a snowmobile through the mountain is a whole other experience! An experience I highly suggest that you add to your bucket list. Sad that my family couldn’t join me (because they were sick), I was still really excited to try out something new.

Leanette prepping for snowmobiling

I was in Lake Tahoe surrounded by a lake, mountains, trees and snow. I couldn’t wait to get on the snow mobile! After gearing up (with goggles and a helmet), I was ready to go…well, after hearing the instructions first. We were off. As we made our way up the mountain, I couldn’t get over just how beautiful everything was. No matter where I looked, I saw nature’s beauty on display and it truly felt surreal!

Leanette Fernandez on snow mobile
Photo Courtesy of Cielo Roth

One of our stops was Mount Watson. After a short walk to the top, I can see why they wanted us to see it. The view was breathtaking (or maybe it was the small trek to get there)…either way, it was amazing to see. I only wish my family had been there to see it as well.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without taking a picture that had me closer to the edge than I care to think about.

Leanette Fernandez on Mount Watson

To get down Mount Watson, I had to slide down because it was just to steep to walk down. I nearly crashed into a snow mobile but thankfully I was able to avoid that catastrophe. ***video of me sliding down Mount Watson can be found below

On our way back down, they had us stop for one more view of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

Isn’t the view spectacular?

Although it was cold, feeling the wind on my face as I drove the snowmobile and being surrounded by snowy alpine scenery brought a smile to my face. I was trying to take it all in but I still can’t believe I was able to cross snowmobiling off my bucket list! *Thank you Kia

If you ever have the opportunity to go Snowmobiling, do it! You won’t regret it.

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Note: My family and I were invited to attend the #SorentoFamily Event, our lodging, airfare, food and activities were covered by Kia. However, all opinions are my own.