I love the 80’s…The Music. The Clothes. The Make up. The Candy. I love all of it. This weekend I was able to enjoy all of that 80’s goodness with some amazing friends at my “Sisters” Inspired 80’s Pajama Party! We took movie night to a whole other level and I loved every minute of it.

80's Pajama Party


The main event was watching the movie “Sisters”, so an 80’s theme was perfect but being comfortable was also key. That is why I made it a pajama party.

80's Pajama Party selfie


Thankfully a movie night meant not having to do a lot of decorating. Although I did but some 80’s plates, napkins and hanging decorations at Party City to serve as a back drop for some pics, I focused on the candy (details below) because movies are better with popcorn and candy.


I opted for foods you’d find at a movie theater like pizza, hot dogs and nachos. I also made some chili for the nachos and hot dogs. Of course popcorn and candy were a must!

80's Pajama Party Candy

  • Big League Chewing Gum, Blow Pops, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Now & Laters, Pixy Stix, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops, Smarties (Dollar Tree)
  • Bottle Caps, Gobstoppers, Hot Tamales, Lemonheads, Mike & Ike, Milk Duds, Red Hots, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst, Swedish Fish and Sweetarts (Walmart)
  • Candy Ring, Razzles and Candy Buttons (Party City)
  • Airheads, Bubble Tape, Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum, Gummi Mini Burger,Jawbreakers, Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip and Sugar Daddy


  • Movie: “Sisters” on DVD * 2 disconnected sisters summoned home to clean out their childhood bedroom before their parents sell the family house. Looking to recapture their glory days, they throw one final high-school-style party for their classmates, which turns into the cathartic rager that a bunch of ground-down adults really need.

80's Pajama Party Collage

  • Music & Dancing: I used an app to stream 80’s music while people arrived and we ate but you can always purchase an 80’s CD or bust out your mixed tapes.

Sisters Inspired 80's Pajama Party

*I was provided with a Sisters Inspired Package that included the DVD and a few other goodies to help make my 80’s pajama party gnarly!