Growing up seeing Scrooge McDuck jump into his money bin while watching an episode of DuckTales made me wish I had one of my own to jump into. While at the D23 Expo, I was able to fulfill a childhood dream by getting the chance to jump into the Scrooge McDuck Money Bin.  It was so much fun!

As a child, I also wondered how he was able to do that without getting hurt (beside the obvious answer of it being a cartoon). Now I know firsthand that if you jump into the Scrooge McDuck Money Bin, you may very well sink to the bottom. Yup, I took that leap, smiled really big and then really couldn’t get out of it…well, not without some assistance. It was totally worth it!!!

Plus, now you have a fun video of me jumping into the Scrooge McDuck Money Bin to laugh at (take a look below)

Needless to say that I am excited to watch the Duck Tales premiere episode on August 12th with my kiddos.

After not speaking to one another for ten years, Scrooge McDuck is reunited with Donald Duck after he and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie move into McDuck Manor. The presence of the newcomers rekindles Scrooge’s spirit of adventure, leading the group to go on many new treasure-hunting expeditions, while the nephews and their new friend Webby uncover the truth behind what caused their uncles to become estranged and retire from adventuring.

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