Disneyland may be your favorite place on the planet (or your kid’s), but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Planning on going there again but want to keep costs low? The next time you go there, check out these 6 ways you can save money on your trip to Disneyland. Following these tips will help you save a good chunk of cash and you’ll be happier with a heavier wallet.

Disneyland entrance

Over 5 Ways to Save Money on your Trip to Disneyland

Visit it During the Off Season

Disneyland recently made some adjustments to its pricing, and it makes sense to visit during the off-season so that you get the maximum benefits when it comes to ticket pricing. Also, try to visit during the summer hours so that you get the most benefits for what you’ve paid.

Check For Special Promotional Offers

You may not be aware of it, but you could be qualifying for some additional discounts like discounts on tickets, food coupons etc. Keep checking the website for new offers and see if you qualify for student discounts, corporate deals, or military discounts.

Stick to a Budget For the Food

You may want to gorge on the delicious food there to experience it all, but keeping yourself restrained can help you save some extra cash. Stick to a couple of things that you know you absolutely can’t resist and munch only on those.

Enjoy the Free Activities

Sure you can go ahead and enjoy the rides and attractions that are paid for, but the free ones are great too! You can try some great chocolate at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop and watch the presentation at the Animation Academy among many other things. All of the free options and attractions here are truly memorable.

Opt for an Offsite Hotel

You may be tempted to stay at the Disneyland resort hotels, but they can, most of the time, be too costly and you’ll end up spending a lot more than you had expected. Instead, book your stay at an offsite yet nearby hotel- there are a lot of hotels near the park, so yes, you’ll have a range of options to choose from. 

Join the D23

Joining the official Disney fan club is also an excellent idea, especially if you’re someone who likes to go there often. You’ll obviously need to pay an annual fee but if you’re an absolute fan, it could mean good discounts for you on your trip there. You’ll also get access to some cool offers and exclusive discounts which others don’t usually get.

Following these simple steps can help you save a good amount on your trip there, and you’ll return home with a ton of memories and a smile on your face.