Need a good laugh? I know I do. If so, check out this collection of Quarantine Memes that I hope make you laugh like that they have for me.

Quarantine Memes

As I embark on my 22nd day of quarantine with the family, I have had my share of emotional ups and downs. While I am extremely thankful that my family and I are safe and healthy, the days seem long and our time in quarantine seem endless (especially when we have no idea how long this will last for). As of now, we still have another 26 days but I get the feeling that it may be extended, even though I am hoping and praying I am wrong.

All this to say, that in the midst of all the sadness and uncertainty we are facing on a daily basis, laughing has helped. Laughter gets me out of my funk and helps me forget, even if briefly, that the world is a scary place right now. So, I love when I see funny quarantine memes online or when friends and family send them to me.

So, that is why I figured I would post a collection of quarantine memes to make you laugh because who couldn’t use a good laugh right now right? Plus, maybe there are some in here that you may have not seen. You can also check out my collection of Funny Toilet Paper Shortage Memes or these 200+ of the Funniest Bernie Sanders Mitten Memes

A Collection of Quarantine Memes To Make You Laugh

Here are some Spanish Quarantine Memes as well

I hope you enjoyed these memes. I know I did! Some of them had me laughing as I uploaded them onto this post. Are there some you have seen out there that gave you a good laugh? If so, please share them with me so that I can add them to this collection of quarantine memes. You can email them to me.

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