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In this day and age, I would say a vast majority of our children spend time in front of a screen at some point during the day. Whether it is for watching TV, playing video games or being on the computer, tablet or phone, our kiddos are learning from what they see or experience during that time and are quite impressionable, especially as preschoolers. This is exactly why, we as parents need to be aware of what the kids are watching and can’t assume that because it is labeled educational that it really is.

Being a parent is no joke. Haven’t we all said at one point that we wish our kids came with a manual? Thankfully, when it comes to what we expose our preschoolers too, there is a guide to help us make informed choices about children’s media and it is Angela Santomero’s upcoming book, Preschool Clues: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World.

Co-creator of Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why and other educational programs, Angela Santomero knows her stuff about educational programming. What I love (and appreciate) is that she is also a mom and she gets it. That is one of the reasons why she wrote this book. She understands that “High-quality preschool programming powerfully resonates with, entertains, and teaches young viewers important social, emotional, and cognitive skills.”

I had the privilege to do a Preschool Clues Interview with Angela Santomero. Jam packed with a ton of helpful information here is just some of what you will read and learn about:

The preschool years are some of the most critical for brain development.

While preschoolers are different from one another in how they grow and develop and individual learning styles, there are a number of aspects of child development that are universally the same. Angela has defined a set of development-based universal truths that are common to every preschooler. Through these commonalities, she has developed a universal language to engage, inspire and connect with children during this critical growth phase.

Universal truths of preschoolers:

  • All preschoolers play to figure out their world.
  • All preschoolers need time to Pause.
  • All preschoolers like to Repeat.
  • All preschoolers imitate their parents as the “stars” of their show.
  • All preschoolers, universally, want to help – they are innately empathetic, and we can strengthen their empathy muscles through everyday activities.

Think of screen time like a healthy green smoothie.

You’ve got education (the greens), interaction (the protein), and engagement (the sweets). We live in a plugged-in, screen-filled world, and as a fierce advocate of for the positive potential of media in kids’ lives, Angela Santomero is passionate about changing the discourse surrounding screen time to one that loses the shame and guilt and instead recognizes what a powerful tool high-quality programs for children can be both for the young viewers and their caregivers.

A few truths about kids and media:

  • Media can be an incredibly positive and powerful educational tool for preschoolers.
  • A preschooler’s favorite shows are in reality some of their best friends and most influential teachers.
  • Kids’ media can be a bonding experience that brings families together – to laugh, bond and learn.
  • And most important, we can all lose the guilt.

Preschool Clues will be available for purchase on April 3. In the meantime, you can use this link to preorder your book:

My Preschool Clues Interview with Angela Santomero was fun and I hope you will all check out her book!