I have got to tell you, my second visit to Pixar Animation Studios had me filled with as much excitement as if I had never been there before. There is just something about it that captivates me and has me taking way too many pictures. From the moment you see the Pixar Animation Studios gate, you feel like you have arrived at an amusement park (or act like a tourist by snapping a picture of everything).

Pixar Studios Gate

As you walk towards the buildings, all of which are named after cities in New York (except for The Steve Jobs Building), the Luxo Jr. and his iconic ball appear bigger and bigger until you are standing right in front of them and truly see how massive they are. Of course, you stop and have your photo taken in front of them.

Leanette Fernandez at Pixar Animation Studios in front of the Luxo Jr. and ball - REV

Inside The Steve Jobs Building, there are memorabilia that remind you of all of the incredible animated films that have come to life at Pixar Animation Studios.


Pixar Animation Studios - Cars REV

The Incredibles

Pixar Animation Studios - The Incredibles Statue REV

Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 (and recently announced, Toy Story 4)

Pixar Animation Studios - Toy Story REV

*Did you know that Toy Story is celebrating their 20th anniversary! I was actually able to learn more about Toy Story when I toured the Pixar archives but more on that in an upcoming post.

We were there to learn more about The Good Dinosaur (in theaters on November 25th), so I loved seeing various form of art for the film throughout their main campus.

Pixar Animation Studios - The Good Dinosaur Artwork

There is so much history there! I loved hearing all about it during our Pixar Animation Studios Tour. You can check out some fun facts I learned about during my last visit here.

It is definitely a place I would love to work at! They offer a ton of fun and relaxation for their employees to enjoy, such as…

Soccer Field

Pixar Animation Studios Soccer Field

Heated swimming pool

Pixar Animation Studios Swimming Pool


Pixar Animation Studios Hammock

Basketball Court & Volleyball Net

Pixar Animation Studios Basketball Court and Volleyball

Fitness Center

Pixar Animation Studios - Fitness Center

BBQ Area

Pixar Animation Studios BBQ Area

Easter eggs aren’t only found in the movies. you can spot them in the building themselves

Pixar Animation Studios - Hidden Luxo Jr. Lamp

*Do you see the Luxo Jr. Lamps?

During our tour I even spotted Benjamin Bratt! (Sorry, no picture of him) *Last time I spotted Jon Favreau & Rashida Jones

I loved being at Pixar Animation Studios and I can’t wait to see Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur!!!