One of the best things about putting a puzzle together is seeing the finished product, a really cool picture that you essentially put together and brought to life. Now, imagine if the end result was a picture of someone you love or something that you really care about.

Personalized Wentworth Wooden Puzzle finished

My kiddos like puzzles too but I have to say that getting to work on one that has their face on it made the experience even better! They loved putting together a Personalized Photo Wentworth Wooden Puzzle (made specifically for children).

Kids putting together a Wentworth Wooden Puzzle

Besides being cool because it has your photo on it, here are a few more reasons why my kiddos and I liked our Children’s Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle.

It’s Well Made

It is finely cut using state of the art lasers to create a premium quality jigsaw. It is meant to last a very long time.

Personalized Wentworth Wooden Puzzle


Not only is it unique in that it is personalized, each puzzle also features Wentworth “whimsy” jigsaw pieces often shaped to reflect the image theme. In our case, animals…

Wentworth Wooden Puzzle Animal Pieces

Fun & Challenging

It is fun to put together because you recognize the people on the puzzle but also because Wentworth Puzzles often have no corner shapes or straight edges in the middle pieces. Not only are they fun, they are also a bit challenging which is pretty cool.

Makes a Great Gift

It’s a way to give someone a gift you show someone you were being thoughtful. Not only can it be used time and time again, but it’s truly a treasure that someone can keep for many years.

Easy to Order

This personalized puzzle can be ordered right from their website. Simply pick a photo that you want to use and follow a few simple instructions. It’s that easy!

We love our Personalized Photo Wentworth Wooden Puzzle and it is definitely something that we can use but also keep as a keepsake.

Fernandez Family Personalized Wentworth Wooden Puzzle

*Note: While I was provided with a Personalized Photo Wentworth Wooden Puzzle for review. All opinions are my own!