While we don’t experience super cold weather here in South Florida, we still have a winter season and there are some days that allow us to dress warm (with an emphasis on the word “some”). Trust me, on those “winter days”, we take full advantage and wear our winter attire. That being said, here are 3 Must Have Winter Fashion Accessories us ladies should all have.
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A Stylish Pair of Boots

Not only are a nice pair of boots stylish, they also keep your feet warm! Thankfully, my mom went shopping after the Winter season and stocked up on a few pairs for me at because she sound them at a great price.

The Right Jewelry

In my opinion, no matter what you wear or where you are going, the right jewelry is a must. It is amazing how much the right jewelry changes your outfit.

The Perfect Clutch

I have a purse obsession and while most of the time I like to have bigger purses, there are times that call for a clutch. A clutch is much easier to handle when you’re all bundled up. Plus, there are super cute!

So far I am loving my Blake Emery clutch from Soul Carrier!

soul carrier

It’s a simple pouch that can be used to keep all the items in your larger bag organized or be used on its own as an effortless clutch. The Blake Emery is handcrafted with love and care in Leon from genuine leather and was inspired by the playful innocence of childhood and the simplicity of having no fear that Jennifer saw when observing her niece Blake Emery, whom she has named this clutch after.

What’s your perfect winter fashion tip? I’d love to hear what you think makes the perfect fashion for winter.