Moana has become one of my favorite animated films. The music, the characters, the message…there is so much I love about it. Needless to say, I am so happy we can finally watch it whenever we want, as many times as we want.

Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere NOW

I was away this past weekend but that didn’t stop my kiddos from watching Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere NOW. Actually, it was a family affair that included quality time with Abuela and food from our heritage. My hubby is pretty awesome to set something like that up for them to enjoy.

Moana In Home Party

They feasted on Sandwiches on Cuban bread, Guava Pastries (Pastelitos de Guayaba), Croquettas, Potato Balls stuffed with meat (Papa Relleno)

Since Moana’s grandmother plays such an integral part of her life, it was only fitting that their grandmas watch it with them. My mom watched it with the kiddos at the movie theater and my mother-in-law got to watch it with the kiddos at home.

Watching Moana with Grandma

It was a day filled with laughter and bonding.

Laughing watching Moana

Watching Moana ends up being a great way for you and your family to spend time together and see Moana, Maui, Heihei, Pua and all of our other friends from Motunui. The film is officially out on Disney Movies Anywhere NOW and Blu-ray.