Lara Everly is a woman of many talents. She is a mom, actress and a director who is not only slated to direct an upcoming episode of “Good Girls” but also directed a new documentary series, Milk Money. I made sure to congratulate her on her achievements when we chatted about her involvement in Milk Money.

Leanette Fernandez and Lara Everly

Milk Money is a FREE docuseries on that gets real about parenting and raising kids in today’s economy. After watching a few episodes, I was ready to chat with her about why she wanted to tell these stories, what she hopes we take away from the series and if there would be any follow up episodes (because I am now invested in these families and their stories). Of course, I asked her a few other questions as well but you’ll have to watch the short interview below for all the details.

Milk Money Interview with Director Lara Everly

Lara Everly pointed out that these stories are really about these families with the financial aspects woven into the stories and I think that is so cool because it allows us to really connect with these families. Their goal wasn’t to offer us advice but rather feel seen. Ultimately, the goal is for us to feel encouraged by knowing that that we aren’t the only ones that are having these experiences.

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