Given how much we loved watching the Blue Man Group, we were all for watching them again…especially because this time would be different. Different? Yep. This time my family and I would get the chance to actually meet the Blue Man Group and get our picture taken with them!

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group Tickets

Even though we had previously seen the Blue Man Group perform (and loved it), it was just as entertaining. We enjoyed it just as much as the first time which goes to show just how awesome it is.

After the show ended, we headed on over to a private room where we all anxiously waited for their arrival. I loved, loved, loved how each one of them stayed in character, even for the photos (as you can see from their faces).

Fernandez Family  and the Blue Man Group

Of course, I had to take a selfie with the Blue Man Group…Their facial expressions sort of creeped me out but it was so worth it. I loved meeting them!!!

Leanette Fernandez and the Blue Man Group

Do you want to learn more about the Blue Man Group or purchase tickets for the show? You can check out their website here. In addition to show info. and times, there may be some special offers available.

*Thank you for the invitation Kia!! You provided adventures we’ll never forget.