Macy’s American Icon brand has officially launched and to kick it off, Macy’s at Aventura Mall hosted a very special, very cool event to celebrate.

American Icons Event 2

The show started off with the actor/DJ morning show host of Y100, Michael Yo!

American Icons Event 4

A few singer/songwriters also performed; among them was one of my favorite, Keba- a 25 year old song writer who sang Make You Feel My Love, by Bob Dylan and a couple of her own original songs. Her R&B, soft, pure voice quickly made people passing by stop and listen.

American Icons Event 5

There was also a comedian, who calls himself African Ape, that did some stand up about American culture vs. African culture and it was quite humorous. Fun fact about him: He earned 3 Bachelor degrees in 8 years.

American Icons Event 6

They then featured some of the clothing from their new American Icon line in a fashion show, which featured people that were not models, including some veterans, which I thought was very interesting.

American Icons Event 8

I think it was great that they used “normal”, every day people, as opposed to professional models, to represent Americans.

American Icons Event 10

There was also a cooking demonstration that they had inside of the store with a beautiful kitchen set. There was two different chefs that cooked. Chef Sessy was a spicy Latino with an adorable accent who made up some delightful pork beans.

American Icons Event 11

Ingredients included: hickory BBQ sauce, pork beans, pork, garlic, green peppers, non fructose syrup. She simply sauteed all the ingredients in a non stick pan and served it with some crunchy seasoned pita chips. I thought it was sweet and southern style tasting. It was very delicious.

American Icons Event 12

The second chef was Chef Christian from Creative Portion, who received his masters in Business and then decided to try his passion of cooking and turned it into a career. He’s known as a private chef who makes up to 5 meals for different clients per week.

American Icons Event 13

He decided to make orange chicken. Some tips he gave are to always use more orange than honey in the chicken. To make the sauce, simply put 1 cup orange juice, 1 tbsp honey (and any of your other favorite spices you want to put in) in a bowl and marinate 1-4 hours. He then cut chicken tenderloins into small pieces and cooked over a pan in olive oil with some pineapple. He served the pineapple and orange chicken on sticks as shish kabobs, which was also very delicious.

American Icons Event 14

I thought both dishes were very southern style and sweet. Both chefs cooked the meat to perfection and also kept the BBQ/ American theme.

Overall, the event was very well planned and enjoyable!

American Icons Event 15

Go check out Macy’s American Icon brand now!

American Icons Event 16
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