After watching the movie Disneynatures Bears on Walt Disney Studios Lot and seeing the mama bear and her 2 cubs set out on an adventure, we set off on an adventure of our own…We went to the LA Zoo.

LA Zoo

Once we got there, we were given a special tour of the zoo that thankfully involved us riding in carts to get us from place to place.

LA Zoo Trams

Of course we made time for a Tram Selfie

LA Zoo Golf Cart Selfie with Amber

while at the LA Zoo, I also had a buddy with me, Amber (she is one of the cubs from the movie) and apparently she likes taking pics just like I do.

Amber at LA Zoo

One of our first stops was at the California Condor Recovery Center where I was compelled to dress up as one…

Leanette is a Condor at LA Zoo

I also decided to get into a Condor egg (you know you would have to)

LA Zoo - Leanette in a condor egg

and after all that excitement, I was able to see an actual condor, Dolly (but I kept my distance…luckily I wasn’t wearing the wings or if may have tried to cuddle with me)

LA Zoo - Dolly the Condor

Next we were off to see the animals…


LA Zoo Monkey 2

LA Zoo Monkey


LA Zoo Giraffes


LA Zoo Tigers


LA Zoo Hippo


LA Zoo Rhino

LA Zoo Parrot

Of course we stopped to say hi to the Bear

LA Zoo Bears

We even got to take a ride on the carousel

LA Zoo Carousel Ride

Amber and I had a fun time at the LA Zoo!

Leanette and Amber in LA Zoo

I visited the LA Zoo as part of my trip with Disney. All opinions are my own.