A few weeks ago my family and I were invited to enjoy a Kia Sedona Family Adventure and it was pretty Epic! I assumed we’d have a great time together as a family but what was an unexpected surprise was just how much my family and I really enjoyed driving the Kia Sedona. My husband and I aren’t really “Minivan” people which is why I say we were surprised by just how much we loved it!

Fernandez Family Driving the Kia Sedona

Not only was the Sedona spacious (including the trunk space), it also had an outlet for me to plug my computer into for productivity during our road trip and the kiddos really loved that they could recline their seats as they watched a DVD’s. I kept looking back and seeing how comfortable they were and I kept wishing that I was back there.

Kids in the Kia Sedona

It was a smooth ride, both literally and figuratively, but we were ready for some fun adventures! While we were in Orlando we…

Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which was absolutely beautiful (more on why staying there is a plus in a future post).

The Hard Rock Hotel R

Visited the Kennedy Space Center

Fernandez Family at the Kennedy Space Center

Went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Fernandez Family with the Minions

Watched and met the Blue Man Group

Fernandez Family  and the Blue Man Group

All in all, we had an epic Kia Sedona Family Adventure!!!!

Fernandez Family in the Kia Sedona

*Thank you for the invitation Kia!! You provided adventures we’ll never forget.